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picture of Irene Duhaime Irene Duhaime Georgia State University Deputy Dean

Welcome From The Dean


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the distinguished set of Strategic Management Society Fellows. As Dean of the SMS Fellows, together with Irene Duhaime, the Deputy Dean, I lead the group of Fellows, a group inaugurated by the Society’s Board of Directors in 2005 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary meeting of the Society. The purpose of the Fellows is to recognize and honor members of the SMS who have made significant contributions to the theory and practice of strategic management, and who exemplify the founding principles and purposes of the Strategic Management Society itself. The current constitution that governs the Fellows Group (amended with effect from January 15 2009) can be found in these pages.

The Fellows provide a forum for discussion and meeting among persons recognized as Fellows. The Fellows have implemented the provisions of the constitution, which include the conduct of an annual meeting of the Fellows, typically at the Annual International Meeting of the Strategic Management Society. While the Fellows have no authority to engage in establishing policy for the SMS, the Fellows take seriously the exercise of leadership in the field of strategic management. It was decided at the 2010 annual meeting in Rome that the Fellows should reflect and report on the most critical issues that are currently affecting the field of Strategic Management. These issues will be taken into consideration when planning the Fellows plenary session(s) for the SMS Annual Conference. Another responsibility of the Fellows is to identify and elect new, worthy members to the Fellows Group. An election is held each year for nominees put forth by the membership committee of the Fellows Group. The constitution tells you how that process works.

I look forward to one day working with you as a member of the Fellows Group, and to expand the influence and worth of the strategy field across all our stakeholder constituencies.

Harbir Singh,

Strategic Management Society

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